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KASB Meeting


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Subject [2019] The 6th KASB Meeting
Date 26 Apr 2019
Venue BM Room
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- Item(s) for Board Deliberation & Resolution:
   ·  Comments on tentative agenda decision ‘Cryptocurrencies’

- Reportable Item(s) to the Board:
   ·  The 5th KASB Meeting Minutes 2019
   ·  Korean Accounting Institute 20th anniversary ‘The History of Accounting Standards of Korea’
   ·  Editorial Corrections to K-IFRS)
   ·  KASB Research Projects 2019
   ·  IFRS Update

- Observers
   KASB Meetings are generally open to the public, unless otherwise specified. However, because of limited seats available, anybody interested in observing KASB Meetings

   must first register via e-mail at the latest three working-days prior to any KASB Meeting.

   Observer registration is only accepted via e-mail (, and although there is no specific registration form, we require at least the following information for

   each person interested in observing KASB Meetings :

    - Name of observer
    - Name of the entity the observer works for
    - Address of the entity
    - Telephone Number
    - E-mail address

We will then confirm your seat or inform you that no seat is available.